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NIH Image

NIH Image is a public domain image processing and analysis program for the Macintosh. It was developed at the Research Services Branch (RSB) of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

A PDS format plug-in “Voyager_PDS12.cpt.hqx” is available which enables viewers to read PDS formatted Voyager, Viking, and Magellan images. PDS Plug-in: Voyager_PDS12.cpt.hqx

You can download the latest version of NIH Image (1.63) from the NIH Image web site,, or by clicking on the following links. It can also be downloaded from mirror sites in Sweden and the UK. See the release notes for a list of the new features and bug fixes.

Please note that NIH Image only runs on Macintosh! Windows, Linux, Unix, OS-2 and others can use the Java implementation ImageJ, which is similar to NIH Image.

  • nih-image163_ppc.hqx (693K) is a version of the NIH Image that is compatible with Mac OS 9.2.2 and with the Classic environment of OS X 10.2.
  • The contrib directory on rsbweb contains programs, images and macros contributed by users of NIH Image.
  • The demos directory contains demonstration versions of commercial Macintosh image processing and analysis programs.
  • The documents directory contains NIH Image related documents.
  • The images directory contains example grayscale and 8-bit color images in TIFF and PICT format.
  • The nih-image_spin-offs directory contains programs derived from NIH Image.
  • The macros directory contains the macros that are distributed with NIH Image.
  • The plug-ins directory contains Photoshop compatible plug-ins known to1 work with NIH Image.
  • The programs directory contains miscellaneous programs and utilities that are potentially useful in conjunction with NIH Image.
  • The stacks directory contains example NIH Image “stacks” (animation sequences and 3D images).
  • The source directory contains the NIH Image 1.63 Pascal source in plain text format.
  • The user-macros directory contains user contributed NIH Image macros. The readme file describes some of the macros.

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