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FITS Data Format & Tools

FITS stands for `Flexible Image Transport System’ and is the standard astronomical data format endorsed by both NASA and the IAU. FITS is much more than an image format (such as JPG or GIF) and is primarily designed to store scientific data sets consisting of multi-dimensional arrays (1-D spectra, 2-D images or 3-D data cubes) and 2-dimensional tables containing rows and columns of data.

  • fv: The Interactive FITS File Editor 
    fv is a software tool for viewing and editing any FITS format image or table. fv currently runs on many Unix platforms, including Mac OSX/Darwin, SUN Solaris, Dec OSF, PC Linux and Mac Linux. A Windows version is also available.
    FTOOLS is a collection of utility programs used to create, examine, or modify the contents of FITS data files. There are also user friendly GUI tools which allow interactive browsing of FITS files and provide a more intuitive interface for running the FTOOLS.

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