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USGS National Map Server 

The USGS National Map provides data and operational capabilities that include the following:

• High-resolution digital orthorectified imagery from aerial photographs or satellite imagery that will provide some of the feature information now symbolized on topographic maps.
• High-resolution surface elevation data including bathymetry to derive contours for primary series topographic maps and to support Earth surface modeling and the production of accurate orthorectified imagery.
• Vector feature data for hydrography (rivers and water bodies), transportation (roads, railways, and waterways), structures, government unit boundaries, and publicly owned lands boundaries.
• Geographic names for physical and cultural features to support the U.S. Board on Geographic Names and other names such as for highways and streets.
• Land cover data that classify the land surface into categories such as open water and high-density residential.

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Page last updated: Dec. 13, 2016


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