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RGCPS Press Release Search Tool

This tool will allow you to search the database of the Press Release images created and maintained by the RGCPS at Arizona State University. In the form below, enter your search criteria. Any fields left blank will not be included in the search.

A keyword search is a "fuzzy" search that will match anything that is exact or close to the criteria for which you are looking. It will search every image caption in the entire database and return all images that match the give keyword(s). This is a broad search across all data associated with all images and could take more time to complete than a search with more specific restraints.

For example, if you enter the string "HRSC dunes" into the keyword search box and click the Search button, the images ASU-IPF-2379 and ASU-IPF-3166 will be returned. The is because both image captions contain the text "HRSC" and "dunes". Note that there is no need to use quotation marks (") around the word string.

Another example would be if you were too vague in your keyword search. If you entered the term "mars" into the keyword search box with no other criteria, you will get a message stating that there were too many items returned. The search tool has a max of 100 matches; if it exceeds this number, it will ask you to refine your search criteria. If you were to use the string "mars" along with selecting the mission "Mars Exploration Rover (MER)" you would have matches returned to you.

If you already know the ASU-IPF Number, Catalog Number or have a specific Mission in mind, reduce your search criteria to speed up the search results. Entering these criteria will search for an exact match in the database, so make sure that you select or enter the information carefully! Search criteria can also be combined, so you can enter a keyword for to match words in the Image Title as well as a keyword or keywords. This will give you results matching both keywords for the title and the image caption.

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